Noel, Marilu, and Maggie are pleased to announce that we’ve donated US$850 (P8,500) to Women Against Rape (WAR), a non-profit organization based in Maun, Botswana.

What does WAR do?

WAR supports abused women and children and works to address the issues that contribute to their abuse. WAR’s mission is to reduce the incidences and impact of violence against women and children in northwest Botswana through empowering women and children, providing support for survivors, public education, and legal reform.

Among other things, WAR provides shelter, counselling and legal aid to abused women and children in a part of Botswana with limited access to such services. WAR also runs awareness raising and community education programs aimed at reducing gender based violence, sexual violence and child marriage.

How you can support WAR

There are a number of ways to support WAR!

You can donate to our GoFundMe campaign (link below), and designate that the funds go to support WAR. We promise that all funds will go directly to WAR, and we even donate the fees charged by GoFundMe from our own pockets!

OR you can donate directly to WAR by contacting them through their website. WAR is a registered charity in Botswana.


WAR also sometimes accepts volunteers. For more information on how to support or volunteer, check out WAR’s website, or by emailing

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