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Category: Overlanding info

Maggie's new roof rack setup 0

Modifying our Land Rover: Part 2 in Pretoria, South Africa

Before we left to start our overland journey, we needed to find a place to give Maggie a good mechanical tune-up and to replace some of her outdated equipment. After many years of travelling Africa, Maggie needed some basic work done to the differentials and suspension, among other things. After...

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How to be a responsible overlander

Responsible tourism is essential to our travelling and overlanding philosophy. Not only do we want to have a great time visiting some of Africa’s most beautiful places, but we also want to make sure that we’re not hurting local communities or the environment along the way. And, wherever possible, we strive...

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Top five accessories to bring on an overland journey

On an overland journey, it may be tempting to overload your vehicle with tons of expensive equipment and gear. To ensure you don’t go overboard, here is our list of essentials that we recommend bringing… 1. A good selection of road maps GPS devices are great. But many overlanding and travel guides...