Uganda located in East of African is one of adventure fascinating destinations packed with great encounters. Baptized as the Pearl of Africa by the former British Prime minister Winston Churchill, the country present quite a number of thrills that just need you to have enough time to explore.

This beautiful country is endowed with beautiful landscape view across which range from the flat and relatively sloping which landscape to the Kagezi and Rwenzuru cliffs. The 10 national parks with arrange greater adventures from gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, wildlife safaris, birding, mountaineering. All these adventure consideration are perfect for adventurous travelers who are opting for more thrilling the likes of rooftop camping.

Well having a 4×4 Uganda car rental is a perfect way to go about in this fascinating Peal of Africa. For a more adventurous taste, many travelers have opted to have a 4×4 rooftop safari jeeps. This is well a perfect idea as roads reaching many tourist destinations especially national parks and reserves are unpaved roads and crossing through one must ensure a stronger 4×4 vehicle.

Below we discuss through the list of 4×4 rooftop jeeps one can use in Uganda. Though there a number of suggestions available for safaris but purposely for the rooftop tent jeeps then there a limited number of fleets to screen through to ensure that you have that amazing encounter.

Land cruiser Prado TZ/TX

This jeep is a commonly used safari vehicle in Uganda, and the vehicle has mastered the art state of Uganda roads and proved unlimited reach to all adventure destination in the country. The Prado TX/TZ used for safaris are 4×4 wheel drive vehicles, it’s fit for one double rooftop tent. The 4×4 Prado TX/TZ are perfect rooftop tent jeeps, with their carrying capacity of up to 5 people. There are available for both self-drive and renting with a driver. Can as well be accessed with manual or automatic transmission, though in manufacturing they are available in older model but they are well serviced and maintained in good mechanical conditions to ensure a reward beyond expectation.

Land Rover Defender

These are nature gentle man vehicles, renting a 4×4 land rover defender rooftop tent jeeps gives a piece of mind as the vehicle can meander through even the thought hard roads. When talking hardtop vehicles, this is a perfect saying, the defender suggests a larger top space which can accommodate 2 rooftop tent of double. The vehicle can carry up to 6 travelers and only available with a manual transmission. These are perfect jeeps that can’t fill any taste of African weathered roads.

Land cruiser VX/V8

Looking for a comfort thrill on the adventure, then have not to stagger around but watch out for the 4×4 Land cruiser VX/V8. The comfort design of the interior extends to the comfort camouflage through all the terrains. There no limit of terrain when renting the 4×4 land cruiser VX/V8, The vehicle as well is perfect for rooftop tent camping. Having this vehicle then don’t need to call out for rooms, it’s a solution for this adventurous adventure.  Don’t get stack of how to spend your night, or stake of road nature but the V8 is the rescue selection to go about with for the case of 4×4 rooftop tent. The vehicle are available in automatic transmission and can be hire for the self-drive adventures.

Nissan Patrol

When planning to explore Uganda with a 4×4 rooftop tent jeep, Nissan is as well appears of the list. This is a very strong japan made jeep which has proved all terrain maneuver, the vehicle has a larger top which is very fitting for rooftop. A Nissan rooftop tent is a game changer for over landing adventures in Uganda. For an adventure in Uganda, rent a 4×4 Nissan rooftop tent jeep and sleep in comfort places beyond the wild roars.

Land Cruiser Hardtop  

The most preferred jeep for adventure across African, the Land cruiser 70 series is adventure designed vehicle. The vehicle can accommodate up to 6 passengers and they are mainly available in manual transmission. When opting for a rooftop tent jeeps to drive around on an adventure in Uganda then I recommend to take this selection. Though it may seem highly costly compared to other fleets but it’s just worth every penny to render you what it was designed for.

Toyota GX

Another comfort is here, travel in style and have an amazing night hours in the wild. There is nothing great than have the Toyota taking through all terrain of across Uganda. Rent the Toyota 4×4 rooftop tent jeep, it possible for two rooftop tent for two people and they can carry up to 5 passengers.

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