There are 195 countries in the world that are located astride the Equator. All these countries are divided into the Northern and Southern hemispheres. This is thanks to the Equator which passes through it them. Of these 11 countries, six are found in Sub-Saharan Africa. Of these six, Uganda is one of the three most peaceful and welcoming. This makes it the perfect place to explore life at the equator any time of the year.
There are four different vantage points in this regard. These include Africa’s third-highest Mountain, Rwenzori(below), an option you cannot miss if you love mountaineering.

Then there is Queen Elizabeth National Park (below), an option that favours nature photographers and travelers with a strong attachment to the Big 5.

The third vantage point is found on an isolated but easily accessible Island on Africa’s biggest freshwater lake, Victoria (below).

The last is found at Masaka District, a district that is home to the Baganda, one of Uganda’s most friendly tribes. It’s roughly four hours drive from Kampala, the country’s capital. It comes across as the most visited of the four sites, attracting over 500,000 tourists each year. Here, you can catch up with a simplified experiment that explains why current in the Northern hemisphere spins in a clockwise direction and, Northern spins in an anti-clockwise direction.

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