Toyota Corolla

Finding a car with less fuel consumption rate is the best way that you can save greatly on fuel cost. With hundreds of rental cars in Uganda, picking the right car with less fuel consumption can be challenging. But for starters, Toyota Corolla rental is notably one of the best cars with less fuel consumption in Uganda.

Toyota corolla rental cars come with efficient 2.0-Liter engine, 169 horsepower, CVT transmission and other features. While in the city, Toyota Corolla has a record of 32 mpg and on the highway, 41 mpg.

Toyota Corolla was introduced in 1966 and is compact in size. It has undergone through generations with the 12th generation Corolla available as sedan, station wagon and hatchback. The Toyota Corolla is fitted with standard functional features and attractive exterior.

The Toyota Corolla is one of the Uganda rental cars that are among the most reliable vehicles. They come with luxurious interior and at the most affordable rates.

Why hire Toyota Corolla?

Reliability: Toyota Corolla cars are the most reliable rental vehicles in Uganda. They are among the Toyota models that have been developed with distinct innovative manufacturing process. The process of manufacture underpins the reliability of most Toyota models including the corolla series. Toyota production process is tuned to help eliminate waste and maximize efficiency. This involves use of high-quality materials.

Enjoy comfort & luxurious space. Corolla cars are among the very few vehicles that guarantee visitors both ultimate comfort and luxurious space for guests as well as luggage. The headroom and legroom are all catered for considering the design of the interior of the corolla car.

The luggage space is adequate enough to take up all that you plan to use on the road trip. Some seats can also be folded down in the rear which can double the amount of room in the vehicle.

Fuel economy: Toyota Corolla rental cars are the best fuel economy rental car deals. On average, Corolla can use 37 miles per gallon.

Diverse specifications: Regardless of its size, Toyota Corolla rentals feature several features and specifications. The most popular features/specifications include 370 Ltre luggage, fuel economy 37 mpg, manual or automatic transmission, seating capacity of 5pax and gasoline.

Corolla dimensions: Corolla cars feature adequate space in the interior accommodating up to 5pax safely and comfortably. While on a road trip, there is space to stretch the legs and also luggage parking.

Luggage space: Corolla comes with adequate space taking up to about 3 large suitcases and some few bags within 370 Liter trunk. The space can accommodate even what you term as awkward items.

Safety: Toyota Corolla rentals guarantee visitors maximum safety. They are equipped with all the standard safety features such as 10 airbags, star safety system, whiplash-injury lessening seats, cameras and others.

Connectivity: Corolla rental cars are fitted with several multimedia system. They are also fitted with adequate USB charging station that make it easy to stay.

Other fuel efficient cars to hire in Uganda

Nissan Sentra: The Nissan Sentra is one of the Nissan models manufactured by the Japanese automaker –Nissan. It was classified among the compact cars since 1999 and has undergone through numerous generations.

Nissan Sentra is an affordable and efficient car option with an attractive body. The latest Nissan Sentra are powered by a 2.0L inline-four engine with a 149 horsepower as well as variable transmission. In the city, Nissan Sentra has 29 mpg rating and along the highways, they have rating of 39 mpg.

The 8th-generation Nissan Sentra was launched in 2019 and features 4-door sedan. It comes with a front-engine, 2.0 gasoline engine, front wheel drive with 2.0 gasoline engine. There are several Nissan models including Nissan Sentra Model SR, SV, and S. They also come with upgraded features such as Nissan Intelligent Key smart access system, a remote vehicle starters and more.

Toyota Raum: This is available with both front-wheel drive and 4 wheel drive and powered by 1059 hp 4 WD engine or 109 hp FF.

Toyota RAV4: A 4×4 Toyota RAV4 is notably the best Sport Utility Vehicles –SUV, most popular for its fuel consumption. They come with 2.5 Litre four cylinders. They have fuel consumption with an engine with fuel consumption of 10-12 L/km.

How do I choose a fuel efficient car?

  • Ask more about fuel-efficient features. Some of the features to consider include aluminum wheels, cruise control, block heater, navigation system, removable roof rack, tinted windows, trip computer, sunroof, and others.
  • Hire the smallest rental car. The smaller the car, the less fuel it consumes and carbon dioxide it emits. Ensure that you narrow your options to the smallest kind of vehicles that meet your travel desires. This can save you a lot of money on fuel cost while on a road trip in Uganda.
  • Pick a car with extra gears: Extra gear plays a great part in keeping the engine running at its most efficient level. You can perhaps consider a continuously variable transmission (CVT) because they use belts and pulleys to allow you have infinite number of gears.
  • Avoid unnecessary extras. Many additional features can increase the amount of fuel a car consumes by adding weight, drawing extra power from the engine. As you choose a car, make sure you ask yourself whether the comfort/convenience such features offer is worth an ongoing increase in the cost of fuel.

In summary, to find a range of less fuel consumption cars in Uganda, feel free to browse through our fleet of rental cars. We have all kinds of models available for hire and guarantee exceptional road trip experiences.

Majority of our less fuel consumption rental cars are Toyota brands –the world’s most popular car manufactures of classic 4×4 vehicles. Our focus lies on Japanese Toyota vehicles considering their effective performances.

Overall, they are fuel-efficient, durable and reliable not only for family road trips but also business trips. Hiring any of our vehicles guarantees you a remarkable fuel economy, luckily they are fully serviced.

Feel free to also make comparisons and pick the right vehicle that suits your travel interests. Contact our reservation team anytime via email, phone or social media platforms.

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