Ghana Border

After getting through the Ivory coast border in a relatively short time (in fact if we didn’t stop and ask we could have simply just driven through as no one looked at all bothered to stop us!) we entered the Ghana border.

My first impressions were not great due to the amount of patrolmen that were intent on making sure that Maggie was parked perfectly in the spaces that they created even though there wasn’t the need for preciseness in a somewhat empty parking bay!

It was Reka’s turn to do the admin and take our documents to the various teams that process people’s entry and while sitting in the car I started to hear the exchange of some voices which gradually started getting louder, one of those voices was Reka.

When I approached them I could see the gentleman processing our passports was not in the mood for any reasoning and the ‘discussion’ with Reka was do with the fact that Reka was not prepared to leave this station as requested while our passports were still with him.  We decided not to challenge him any further and we were able to exit within 30 minutes

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