Camping Tents

When you think of camping, you’d be forgiven for thinking it is unsafe. If you ask me, it does have its share of drama especially if you go for it ill prepared or ill equipped. That is to say there is a huge possibility you’ll love it to bits if you know the rules of the game as summed up below.

Don’t Carry Food into the Tent
Day in day out, animals go to extremes in a bid to fill their bowels. Carnivores like lions kill prey without mercy for food. On the other hand, herbivores like elephants walk for hundreds of miles in quest for fresh foliage. Anything that gets in the way of their pursuit only does it at the peril of their lives. It is partly for this reason that it is not advisable for one to go camping with foods and fruits that have a strong scent.
Why? The most deadly animals in the wild especially elephants and hippos and primates have a weakness for fruits. Using their strong sense of smell, they can easily trace these foods and go to extremes of getting them even if it means striking u dead. Though no such cases have been recorded in Uganda’s parks over the last 10 years, it is advisable not to take chances.

Count on Waterproof Gear
Unless one is absolutely certain that it won’t rain at their planned camping site, it is advisable to opt for water proof tents and sleeping bags. There is nothing as uncomfortable as waking up in the middle of the night only to realize a sudden downpour has soaked everything in your tent wet. The best part is that for as little as 250,000 shillings, you can a water proof tent that can last up to 10 years (if well maintained). Terp Uganda is a dependable supplier of these tents and related camping gears.
Only sleep in designated campsites. In case of emergency, contact tourism police.

Only sleep in Camping Sites Recommended by a Professional Ranger or Guide

Otherwise you might be trespass into a wild animal’s territory. Naturally, animals like to think of anything that crosses into their zones as a threat to their lives. As such, they are always quick to strike the suspect without hesitation. Even worse, while injuries from such attacks are fatal, most camping grounds are distant from emergency medical centers where victims can be treated. For that, always carry with you a first aid box or Team Doctor with you.
However, why subject yourself to all these when opting for camping grounds that treat security with a great deal of importance is a quick fix to the situation. Short of that, you might get robbed clean or sometimes killed. The plus with certified camping sites is that they are guarded especially at night, as such, cases of getting robbed are mean. However, in the event that you are robbed. There most tourist hubs have the tourism police, a unit of the police who are more than happy to help. These officials who dress in black from head to toe can be reached in 0800199699, a toll free number(only applicable to tourists exploring Uganda).

Pay Attention to the Fire Place

Depending on the strength of wind blowing, wild fires can turn from good servants to the worst masters in no time.

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