Noel and I are planning Maggie’s 7th trip through southern and east Africa from Nov 2015-2016. Here is a map of the route we hope to do, spanning 19 countries from Cape to Cairo!

This route is provisional and is very likely to change as we travel – so we will be uploading an interactive map soon. We haven’t yet fully explored the feasibility of this route based on road quality and other important factors, such as political stability :-). We will post more details of our route as we do more investigation. In the meantime, suggestions and recommendations are welcome!

We know that we will start in Gaborone, Botswana (where Maggie is living) and spend some time in Johannesburg, Windhoek and Cape Town giving her a make over with new parts and equipment before setting off, destination Ethiopia, then Cairo and back to the UK!

Our to-do list for a trip like this is a mile long – stay tuned for more information and insight on the details of the planning process!

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