Driving in Uganda

Overtaking in Uganda is extremely important stage of driving. It is complex and depends on many conditions: vehicle acceleration, power, road conditions, visibility, and of course the driver. These are some basic tips that you should know when overtaking while on a road trip in Uganda.

While we are certain most of you guys are familiar with the dos and don’ts of getting ahead, we’ve seen far too many unsafe overtakes out in the wild to say a refresher isn’t in order.

  1. Always use the mirrors

While driving, the use of mirrors is essential. If you have it, it is with reason. You have to look at it at least 2 times before overtaking. Many road accidents are because of this. People decide overtaking without even looking in the mirrors.

  1. Avoid overtaking when visibility is poor

When visibility is poor due to fog or rain the overtaking is very dangerous. You might skip some of the participants in the movement and become incidents. Do not make overtaking if it is not required and always use the mirrors. Make sure you have visibility.

  1. Do not overtake if the road marking does not allow

In Uganda, road markings are really significant. It is important to observe when overtaking. It is made so that and is decided if the way allows overtaking. If is not allowed there is a reason for to overtake, just stay in your lane until you find the markings for over taking.

  1. Evaluate the speed and acceleration

Overtaking in outside urban areas where the speed is high it should be very quickly and correctly. You have to evaluate the distance and speed of oncoming cars coming and then take action. Try doing it at faster. If you press the gas pedal and the car is not accelerating, it has to switch over on a lower gear. Doing this will decrease on accidents made by drivers.

  1. Do not retract at right if you do not see the car which you overtaking in the window for rear view

It is very important because the rate outside the city is much higher and you do not know how accelerates the vehicle which you have passed over. Try not staying much in the left lane, because even it seems that the car is too far, it can be very powerful and moving very fast. This consequently could be difficult for suddenly stop, so you have to go quickly in the right side of the road.

  1. Mandatory to use a turn signal

Many drivers in Uganda do not always submit a blinker when overtaking, bypass and retraction back into the right lane. Turning on the light signal informs other road users what you intend to do. This would facilitate all because if you do not turn it on your actions are unpredictable and others do not know what you are going take and how to react to your sudden actions.

  1. Do not overtake in tight corners or those without visibility

The speed in the turns should be very lower, but this may cause the fast drivers which take risky actions. Failure to comply that rule had engendered a lot of accidents with a serious injuries. Try to follow the rules.

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