Planning to visit Tanzania post covid-19 pandemic and not sure how you will get around? Worry no more because we have you sorted when it comes to all your travel needs in Tanzania. Tell us your destination and we shall find a suitable Tanzania car Rental for you at a pocket-friendly rate.

Here are some amazing tips for renting a car in Tanzania

  • Hiring a car in Tanzania for a safari holiday is amazingly the best option to indulge into the country’s beautiful national parks. Tanzania is a vast country and boasts of her scenic national parks. The most famous Tanzania safari destinations worth exploring on Tanzania safaris include The Serengeti National Park (most popular for witnessing the great wildebeest migration), Selous Game Reserve, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Manyara National Park (famous for sighting the tree climbing lions), Ngorongoro Crater, Zanzibar Island a famous self-drive and beach holiday destination in Tanzania.
  • 4×4 rental car is the best option to hire for Tanzania safaris. Well, Tanzania roads aren’t up-to international standards and full-time 4WD offer a perfect choice for visitors’ road trip needs. While behind the wheels of 4×4 drive vehicles, you don’t need to worry about tough terrains. Our 4×4 rental cars are ideal for all Tanzania safaris in the Serengeti National Park, Gombe Stream National Park or beach holiday in Zanzibar Island.
  • Keep in mind the seatbelt rules while on Tanzania safari in a rental car or personal car. Whether on self-drive or guided safari, make sure everyone traveling with you is on their seatbelts for safety purposes. Inquire if there are seats provided by the tour agent for children or else, come along with some in case you are planning for a family safari tour in Tanzania.
  • Inquire if the car hire company/agent you plan to deal with allows cross-border travel. Some rental companies do accept while others don’t and at times, it calls for some paperwork, additional insurance or even extra charge.
  • Book your rental car in Tanzania early. Given the high demand for rental car services, don’t delay to secure your dream rental vehicle for your road trip in Tanzania whether on self-drive tour or guided safaris. Our fleet of car hire in Tanzania range from Land Cruiser TX, Land Cruiser TZ, Land Cruiser GX, Land Cruiser V8, Toyota Rav4, Super Customs, Land Cruiser VX to coaster buses for visitors on large group safaris.
  • Before you set off on Tanzania tour using a rental car, conduct thorough check on the vehicle you plan to use. Take note of any scratches or damages and let the tour operator know of them to avoid incurring costs for what you aren’t aware of.
  • Ask if you the rental car you plan to use is insured. Insurance offers cover to so many risks and that is why it is important to hire a car that is insured.
  • Other factors you should take note when renting a car in Tanzania include 24/7 road assistance, GPS navigation especially for self-drive tours, understand the airport pick up and drop off policies of the rental agency you will be dealing with, ask if there are hidden charges so as not to be taken by surprise on the last minute, unlimited mileage.
  • Why choose us for your rental car needs? We are a reliable ground rental agency in Tanzania, honest, trustworthy with the best rental cars (our fleet of car hire range from land cruisers, Rav4, super customs, Nissan patrol, land cruiser with rooftop tents to comfortable coaster buses) and no hidden fees.
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