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Border Crossings: Botswana to South Africa

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4 Responses

  1. David Ditake says:

    I have been driving Botswana registration vehicle coming to SA for a year and a few months, but every time me and my fiancee writes an affidavit at Botswana Police showing that I have legally borrowed the vehicle. Right now the police took the vehicle and handed it to SARS officers. I have been using an affidavit all along and it’s only now that I heard of other laws they put before me. The problem I only know is the expiry of the period of the vehicle staying in SA. SARS officers said to them,even if the affidavit had not expired,they don’t take such paper. Now, I would like to know what relevant papers were I supposed to have with me? They told me that to drive Botswana vehicle I must have any of the Botswana permits,either residence,studend or work permit. Apart from that the owner must be in the vehicle. I have just been told about such,otherwise if I knew I would have not crossed with the vehicle. The other thing is, can’t I get amnesty if it is for first time I hear of these laws? At least to take the vehicle back immediately?

  2. Marilu Peries says:

    Hi David, sorry to hear you had a tough time at the border! We also heard that SA is clamping down on SA citizens who drive Botswana registered vehicles. The reason behind it has to do with customs taxes and duties, we hear – it’s not easy to import a foriegn vehicle and the taxes are very high. So people get around it by just keeping the foriegn registration and not changing it over, hence the requirement to show Botswana permits. But if you are just on holiday in SA, or overlanding through, with an affidavit from the owner showing you have permission, I would be surprised to hear that they gave you that much trouble! Hope that you get it sorted out. Best, Marilu, Noel & Maggie

  3. Oudit Reed says:

    good day i will be visiting Botswana in a company car do i require any documents?

  4. Noel Peries says:

    My suggestion would be to speak to the company that is supplying your company car, if it is registered in SA then unlikely but worth checking in advance.

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