Skeleton Coast

Around a 100km north of the cape cross the road passes through into the Skeleton Coast park.  It’s a magical stretch of coastal wilderness that I cannot speak more highly about than you simply must see this place if you ever visit Namibia.

It’s like driving through part of the moon but to one side you hear the roaring sea in amongst all this darkened brown sand.

It’s free to enter and at there is a free camping site at the springbokwater gate with toilets and shower so no need to worry about accommodation.

It’s a gravel road that is in an ok condition but my wheels had taken a beating over the last seven-eight months and it was inevitable that a puncture would be round the corner only having one previously in Ghana.  It happened at around 4pm in the park and we had a couple of hours to change the tyre and get back out the gate which sounds easy but the puncture happened on a sandy road and the wheel had punctured so badly that Maggie was deep in the sand on the punctured side, the high lift jack was getting buried when we tried to jack her up and so we eventually had 2 jacks on the go and after several attempts and a few scratches later we were able to change the tyre around, again like most issues they are learning encounters and this was no different!

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