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Tagged: Morocco

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Mauritania – Crossing the border from Morocco

  If getting into Morocco seemed like a hassle, try getting out of it! We spent about 4 hours between the two borders filling out endless paperwork and convincing numerous officers that we have no guns, alcohol or hidden goodies that they could make use of. The road between Morocco...

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Morocco – Hoodwinked

A brief story about a naive traveller (me) being hoodwinked by a local moroccan dude. Heading to the border, we stopped in nearby cafe in the last town before the border.  This friendly guy, leather jacket, rough stubble begins to chat to Reka and I.  Interested about our travel he then...

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Morocco – Heading to the Mauritanian Border

Heading to the border of Morocco and Mauritania The police and army controls start to become more visible and having to explain where you are from and where you are going to every few km can get a bit tiresome but hey its the only the way to get to where...

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Morocco – Dune Driving

Corruption We were off to Tan Tan, heading to the Plage, but the local police had a different idea. We were stopped, because we didn’t stop at the sign (on an empty roundabout). The chief officer sat in his vehicle drinking tea and smoking cigarettes while all the offenders stood...

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Morocco – Marrakech & Ouarzazate

Marrakech Not much to write about Marrakech from the brief time I was there, it seemed very touristy and I suppose for many people that visit Morocco, this is one of the major cities that will be on their itinerary for short visit. Also although in general Morocco seems to...

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Morocco – Rabat

Rabat Having spoken to many people along the way it was clear that to get in Mauritania we would need a visa and to get it we would have to travel to Rabat. There we met Axel a fascinating guy who is a farmer for 7-8 months of the year...

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Morocco – Sidi Bousber

The Riff Mountains The drive through this region was spectacular, the scenery was lovely and the people along the way were so friendly and welcoming.  We decided to check out the various roads detailed on our map, and took one that was meant to be scenic but also slightly ‘dangerous’....

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Morocco – Tangier

Tangier As soon as we left the port we decided to take a tour of the city in Maggie, this was a bad idea, the traffic on the streets was absolutely manic, people were walking along the sidewalks as well as the main road, taxis weaved in and out with very...

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Morocco – Tangier Crossing the border

Border Crossing The ferry took just under a couple of hours from Algeciras to arrive in Tangier, and as we were lucky enough to be one of the first vehicles to leave the ferry, the assumption was we would be one of the first to leave the port…Wrong!  As all...