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Morocco – Tangier

Tangier As soon as we left the port we decided to take a tour of the city in Maggie, this was a bad idea, the traffic on the streets was absolutely manic, people were walking along the sidewalks as well as the main road, taxis weaved in and out with very...

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Morocco – Tangier Crossing the border

Border Crossing The ferry took just under a couple of hours from Algeciras to arrive in Tangier, and as we were lucky enough to be one of the first vehicles to leave the ferry, the assumption was we would be one of the first to leave the port…Wrong!  As all...

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Spain – Heading to Algeciras

The road to Morocco We drove just over 1000km (from Barcelona) to get to Algeciras in the south to get the ferry to Tangier, it was a long drive but took it in turns to get there safely by the night. The ferry to Tangier with 2 people and vehicle...