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Tagged: Senegal

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Senegal – Heading to Guinea Bissau

The road to Guinea Bissau The day we left the park we decided to check out a border that was relatively close to a town called Kolda with Guinea Bissau, if the border was cool we could get our visa’s there and go straight into Guinea Bissau. Everything was going...

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Senegal – Niokolo Koba National Park

Tambacounda The next day we drove through a bustling city called Tambacounda which is the 3rd largest city in Sengal (I think), the roads were ok but there are many taxis in the shape of guys on carts with horses where people jumped on and off, and these were a...

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Senegal – Touba

Touba the Mecca of Africa The next day we decided to avoid Dakar which we were told by many is a big dirty city and to be honest there was nothing we really wanted to see there so we decided to avoid it and go to Touba. Mustafa told us...

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Senegal – St Louis

St Louis Our first trip into St Louis led us to the beach where we found many locals that worked in the fishing trade, many kids learn at an early age how to fish and walking along the beach you could see adults showing their children how to fish literally...

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Senegal – Zebra Bar

Crossing the border (from Mauritania) After getting through the border a small distance later you are driving through narrower Senegalese roads, people stop and stare at your vehicle as you drive through, some open mouthed, some wave and others getting on with their own business. Zebra Bar We had been...

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Mauritania – Crossing the border into Senegal

Routes There are 2 routes into Senegal, the common border that most people use is called Rosso and many people along the way have told us how bad that border is and could be a painful and potentially expensive one, and the alternative called Diama which is more of a...