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The beautiful Kakamega forest nature reserve – Kenya

Maggie and the team began to head to Uganda after visiting the stunning Lake Nakuru National Park.  We saw that there were a number of nature reserves close to the border one of them being the Kakamega forest. The Kakamega forest It is Kenya’s only tropical rainforest and the reserve...

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Congo Brazzaville – Lefini Reserve

  Lefini Reserve After driving through Gambona then Ngo the villages started to become more frequent and we had seen on the map that there was a large reserve called Lefini but without any info as to what was in the reserve we drove until we found the entrance, this...

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Cameroun – Limbe

Limbe Along the Cameroun coast we went to Limbe and managed to camp in a nice new hotel that allowed us to shower there and I ate some great swordfish that night so thanks to the owners of the hotel. Wildlife Reserve We also went to a wildlife reserve in...