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Tagged: Nigeria

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Nigeria – Ekok Border to Cameroun

  Between Onitsha & Enugu heading to the border of Ekok we were driving quite happily until at a village in Onitsha we were stopped at a particular point by a number of heavily armed police officials. There was plenty of commotion and the locals around were busy shouting at one...

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Nigeria – Vision Africa

Vision Africa While dealing with the British Embassy we met a couple of guys that said they worked for a magazine called Vision Africa, we exchanged details and they mentioned they would like to run a piece in their next issue on the travel we were doing. A few days...

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Nigeria – Amazing People

The Younes Family Maggie was in need of a mechanic as we had a broken bearing which needed emergency treatment. The night before we found a cheap place to stay in Abuja (Power Mike Motel, Wuse, Abuja) in fact Reka managed to wangle us camping in their car park for free. Over...

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Nigeria – Drive Safely!

Top 3 Incidents we witnessed or encountered in Nigeria Incident 1 – While driving through a town, Reka had stopped at a junction hoping to join the main road on the right hand side, some idiot on the left managed to sneak past us via the left hand side and...

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Nigeria – “RHD Gate”

Above: Drive like hell if these guys try and stop you in a RHD! “RHDGate” About 40km outside of Abuja, we encountered a situation whereby we were stopped on the motorway by a vehicle carrying 4 road safety traffic officers. One of these beige coloured uniformed officers then took his time...

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Nigeria – Border crossing from Seme

Seme Border Errrmmmm where do I start, firstly I have to honestly say that during this trip, nearly everyone has a similar opinion on Nigeria.  Whenever it was mentioned that we would be travelling through Nigeria we heard the following … “Drive straight through!, It’s a lawless country, Never trust anyone...