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Tagged: Mechanic

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Namibia – Swakopmund & Walvis Bay

Swakopmund On the western coastline lies 2 towns that ooze a heavy German influence in its architecture and seems to be a popular holiday destination for Namibians as well as those tourists interested in quad biking and other adrenalin inducing activities. They are on the coast but also surrounded by...

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Namibia – Omaruru

There isn’t much to say about this small sleepy town except for the exceptional wood carving workshop that you see as you enter the town from Karibib, all sorts of animals are being expertly carved from huge trees and chunks of wood, of course I’d love to bring one back,...

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Namibia – The Caprivi Strip

Katima Mulilo & The Caprivi Strip The north east of Namibia is a very different place to the rest of the country as the land becomes lush and green as you get closer to the Zambezi river.  The drive to Rundu from Grootfontein is long and straight and requires patience...

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DRC Congo – CMC Mechanics Kinshasa

Had to spend a few Congolese francs at a Land rover mechanics called CMC in Kinshasa to sort out more wheel bearing problems as well as getting to do a full service on Maggie, the garage is professional and specialises in Landrover’s but expect to pay a premium here compared...

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Cameroun – Kimbi Reserve

During the drive through the ring road we had to enter the Kimbi reserve which a few years ago would have been a nice place to see some wildlife, unfortunately the wildlife were missing (no fences!) when we went through here but the roads itself was a lovely off road...

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Nigeria – Amazing People

The Younes Family Maggie was in need of a mechanic as we had a broken bearing which needed emergency treatment. The night before we found a cheap place to stay in Abuja (Power Mike Motel, Wuse, Abuja) in fact Reka managed to wangle us camping in their car park for free. Over...

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Ghana – Mechanic

Mechanical work…again I finally found a good mechanic called the Land Rover Diagnostic centre in Accra, near Korle Lagoon Bridge (near the Teaching Hospital).  It was here that we finally got to the route cause of why Maggie was unnervingly swerving during speeds of 40 mph +.  The front axle...

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Sierra Leone – More Repair work!

Another Accident! I see why there are posters everywhere with messages about safer driving, some people in Sierra Leone take risks! We happened to be leaving Freetown after obtaining our Liberian visas ($75 each!, Sierra Leone was $100 by the way) and after suffering the few hours of stop start...

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Guinea – JMC Mechanics

JMC Mechanics Our first night we stayed in the Ocean hotel which was outside the city and more expensive than we had budgeted for but we happened to meet Natalie a Lebanese lady who was the sister of Jean Claude that ran a garage in the centre of town. We...