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Tagged: Angola

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Angola – Border Crossing into Nambia

Day 5 The road to Ondijva was again a nice drive and we made good progress throughout the day.  One thing I noticed about school kids in the whole of Angola was that unlike all other countries I had travelled so far where each school had their own coloured uniform,...

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Angola – Lunbango

Day 4 We drove more inland towards Lubango and once again the landscape changes but the consistent factor is the beauty of the country.  In the morning we spotted a couple of cyclists that looked like long distance travellers, when we met up with them they had also been travelling...

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Angola – Luanda

Day 2 On the way to Luanda near Ambriz, we met an army guy who was patiently waiting at the roadside and his car was lodged in a ditch off the side of the road.  When we asked him what happened he told us that a large Chinese driven truck...

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Angola – Luvo Border

  Border At the Luvo border we had to wait 30 min for the official to finish his breakfast and turn up at his desk but after that the official papers were stamped so we though and we proceeded to leave the border post, at the gate that allowed us...