Botswana to Ethiopia: 2016

    Last updated on 24 February 2016

    Now that we’ve been in Botswana and South Africa for about a month, we’ve changed our planned route.

    After leaving Botswana, we’ve decided to start our journey with a tour of South Africa, which includes Kruger National Park, the Wild Coast and the Garden Route. We’ll also be making stops in Swaziland and Lesotho, before heading north through Namibia.

    Once we reach northern Namibia, we will head east through the Caprivi Strip and then visiting some of our favourite places in northern Botswana, including the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park. From there, we will continue east to Zimbabwe, including Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba. From Zimbabwe, we’ll hop into Mozambique for a quick visit to the Isle de Mozambique and some beaches, before heading west again to travel through Malawi and Zambia.

    From Zambia, we’ll head north through Tanzania, and loop around Lake Victoria to see Burundi (depending on the security situation!), Rwanda and Uganda. From there, we will head to Kenya then straight up to Ethiopia!

    We’ll be spending 2-3 weeks in each country, but may stay shorter or longer depending on how we get on. We feel that it’s important not to have time limits that are too strict – the benefit of overlanding is maximum flexibility, both in terms of route and timeline!



    This was the route we planned in 2015, before we left for Botswana:


    Our first planned overland route through southern and eastern Africa

    The route we are planning for our second trip will begin in Gaborone, Botswana in January 2016 – Maggie’s current home. From there, we plan to bring her to Johannesburg for some much needed maintenance, and a few new bells and whistles. Maggie is in desperate need of a mechanical tune up, and a new roof tent for starters!

    From there we will start our journey by heading west to Namibia, south to the Cape and east to Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique. From there we will start our zig-zagging journey north to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania.

    Once in Tanzania, we will resist the urge to go straight to Kenya, instead taking a loop around Lake Victoria to see Burundi (depending on the security situation!), Rwanda and Uganda. From there, we will head to Kenya then straight up to Ethiopia.


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    1. Mo Abba says:

      Hi, I came across your web site. Very interested in doing this journey myself for my retirement. I am particularily interested in the Ethopia to Port Sudan route. Is it safe to go via Eritrea?

    2. Marilu Peries says:

      Hi Mo! We’ve spoken to a few other overlanders who say yes, but we’ve also heard that driving through Eritrea is not straight forward. If so, you would definitely need to pre-arrange visas and permits to drive outside of the capitol. We Will keep you updated of course if we take that route! All the best, Marilu, Noel & Maggie

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