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Category: Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone – Border Crossing into Liberia

The next day a few km down the road we reached the Sierra Leone border and were greeted with pandemonium as many people travelling by bush taxi or bus were all trying to get the local officials attention to get their much needed stamp in their documentation. Luckily for us...

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Sierra Leone – Freetown

Freetown I think the capital has a love hate quality about it, in one respect it is vibrant, people trade with each other at any opportunity, food is widely available and on the whole for a traveller anyway relatively cheap, to drive through it however can be the stuff of...

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Sierra Leone – More Repair work!

Another Accident! I see why there are posters everywhere with messages about safer driving, some people in Sierra Leone take risks! We happened to be leaving Freetown after obtaining our Liberian visas ($75 each!, Sierra Leone was $100 by the way) and after suffering the few hours of stop start...

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Sierra Leone – Campaigns

Awareness Sierra Leone has had a troubled past and in the early 1990’s a civil war occurred.  The Revolutionary United Front (RUF) turned the country upside down for a number of years and were heavily involved in plundering the diamond and gold fields. Atrocities and the massacre of several thousand...

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Sierra Leone – Beach Life

Beach Life One of the key points that Lonely planet was keen to mention about Sierra Leone were how beautiful and under developed the beaches of this country were. We hadn’t really experienced many beaches along this journey so far and it was about time to change that (Stupidly in...

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Sierra Leone – Village Schools

After spending the night in the nearest town after the border we decided to make the journey into the capital Freetown, the roads were sandy dirt tracks but were in general flat, so driving these was no problem, we found out later that the government has promised that most of...

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Guinea – Border Crossing into Sierra Leone

Guinea Border At the Guinea border everything was going quite smoothly with getting past officials until the very last makeshift office, the visa for Guinea was about to expire the following day and yet the official decided that for today anyway the time for expiry was 12pm midday and not...