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Category: Nigeria

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Nigeria – Ekok Border to Cameroun

  Between Onitsha & Enugu heading to the border of Ekok we were driving quite happily until at a village in Onitsha we were stopped at a particular point by a number of heavily armed police officials. There was plenty of commotion and the locals around were busy shouting at one...

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Cameroun – Border from Ikok to Mamfe

Mamfe After the absolute chaos of driving in Nigeria, I was rather hoping for something a little more relaxed but first we had to get to the nearest town called Mamfe which I had read on previous blogs that the road from Ikok to Mamfe can be notoriously bad. At...

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Nigeria – Vision Africa

Vision Africa While dealing with the British Embassy we met a couple of guys that said they worked for a magazine called Vision Africa, we exchanged details and they mentioned they would like to run a piece in their next issue on the travel we were doing. A few days...

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Nigeria – Lagos (again)

There is only one reason why we had to come back to Lagos from Abuja and that was because the British Embassy in Abuja send all passport applications down to Lagos to process (A new british passport cost 36,000 Naira (£180) at the time of writing). Eko Hotel On our search...

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Nigeria – Amazing People

The Younes Family Maggie was in need of a mechanic as we had a broken bearing which needed emergency treatment. The night before we found a cheap place to stay in Abuja (Power Mike Motel, Wuse, Abuja) in fact Reka managed to wangle us camping in their car park for free. Over...

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Nigeria – Drive Safely!

Top 3 Incidents we witnessed or encountered in Nigeria Incident 1 – While driving through a town, Reka had stopped at a junction hoping to join the main road on the right hand side, some idiot on the left managed to sneak past us via the left hand side and...

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Nigeria – “RHD Gate”

Above: Drive like hell if these guys try and stop you in a RHD! “RHDGate” About 40km outside of Abuja, we encountered a situation whereby we were stopped on the motorway by a vehicle carrying 4 road safety traffic officers. One of these beige coloured uniformed officers then took his time...

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Nigeria – Lagos to Ibadan

Lagos We decided to enter and leave Lagos as soon as possible and make our way to Abuja.  For one thing accommodation doesn’t seem to be that cheap in Lagos and because there are 2 British embassies in Nigeria, the thinking was by going to the smaller city the easier...