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Category: Mauritania

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Mauritania – Crossing the border into Senegal

Routes There are 2 routes into Senegal, the common border that most people use is called Rosso and many people along the way have told us how bad that border is and could be a painful and potentially expensive one, and the alternative called Diama which is more of a...

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Mauritania – Nouakchott

Nouakchott After Nouadhibou we headed to the capital Nouakchott which in the lonely planet guidebook said ‘a must see place, plenty of things to do, its Mauritania in one city, blah de blah blah blah’, well all I can say is don’t believe the hype. I have discovered that Lonely planet can...

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Mauritania – Nouadhibou

Nouadhibou We found a great camping spot in Nouadhibou which is the first major city 60km from the border.  It had been a long old drive to get there and after all the border police,army and other officials it was nice to sink your feet in some sand, Mauritania has...

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Mauritania – Crossing the border from Morocco

  If getting into Morocco seemed like a hassle, try getting out of it! We spent about 4 hours between the two borders filling out endless paperwork and convincing numerous officers that we have no guns, alcohol or hidden goodies that they could make use of. The road between Morocco...