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Category: Liberia

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Liberia – Heading to the Ivory Coast Border

The road to Ivory Coast For the last 200km to the border with Ivory coast we experienced some roads that only Maggie would be happy to drive along, but we took our time and eventually the roads became Tarmac on the Ivory Coast side! National Geographic To end this chapter...

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Liberia – Monrovia

Monrovia After the hustle and bustle of Freetown it was nice to enter a capital that was not congested with traffic, Monrovia isn’t a massive city and has a few major roads that run through the heart of it. We checked out the centre and there seemed to be a...

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Sierra Leone – Border Crossing into Liberia

The next day a few km down the road we reached the Sierra Leone border and were greeted with pandemonium as many people travelling by bush taxi or bus were all trying to get the local officials attention to get their much needed stamp in their documentation. Luckily for us...

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Liberia – Robertsport

Robertsport We knew that Abibu had some visitors that next day so we left Monrovia for the weekend and heard that Robertsport and Buchanan were two places to the east and west of Monrovia that were well worth checking out. Our first spot on the map was Robertsport which meant...

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Liberia – Border Crossing from Sierra Leone

Bureaucracy Over the next few hours I then was led from one department to the next to meet and greet another official that wrote down the same information as the previous department and everyone that wanted to come into Liberia was going through the same torture as I, it was...

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Liberia – Firestone & Buchanan

Firestone We then headed back to Monrovia and tried our best to avoid entering the city but people’s advice sometimes can be misleading and we finally settled on getting through the capital to head for Buchanan.  We read in the lonely planet about a dwindling company called Firestone that used...