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Category: Lesotho

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Four awesome mountain passes in Lesotho

Lesotho is called the ‘Mountain Kingdom’ for a reason – the country is home to some of the highest and most stunning mountain passes in Africa. We recently visited Lesotho and had the pleasure of driving some of these passes, many of which are unavoidable when accessing tourist destinations. Tips for those attempting...

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Border Crossing: South Africa to Lesotho (and back)

Like many overland border crossings in Southern Africa, crossing from South Africa to Lesotho and back again was no problem at all. Minimal hassle, and no paperwork or corruption. Which border crossing to choose? There are 13 overland border crossings between South Africa and Lesotho. Which one to choose will depend on where you’re going...

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Overlanding Lesotho: a week in the Mountain Kingdom

After leaving the Drakensberg mountains, we headed for the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. One of Africa’s most mountainous countries, Lesotho does not fail to disappoint the overland traveller. We found the country to be an absolute joy to overland – with some of the highest mountain passes in Africa, including the aptly named ‘God...