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Category: Ivory Coast

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Ghana – Border Crossing from the Ivory Coast

Ghana Border After getting through the Ivory coast border in a relatively short time (in fact if we didn’t stop and ask we could have simply just driven through as no one looked at all bothered to stop us!) we entered the Ghana border. My first impressions were not great...

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Ivory Coast – Amazing People

Gerard While in Abidjan, we met Gerard, randomly as usual, he came to say hello and offered his assistance if we struggled to obtain a visa for Ghana. As he was so nice to us we called him anyway to see if we could meet up with him and say...

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Ivory Coast – Abidjan

Abidjan Abidjan is the economic and former official capital of Côte d’Ivoire (the current capital is Yamoussoukro). It is the largest city in the nation, and the third largest French speaking city in the world. It has, according to the authorities of the country in 2006, 5 million residents in the...

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Ghana Visa – Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Ghana Visa from the Ivory Coast We experienced a crazy situation in the Ghana embassy in Abidjan, Ivory Coast where we were told that we would have to obtain our visa for Ghana from our country of residence, i.e The UK. The Ghana embassy had changed their requirements from the...

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Ivory Coast – Agouti (a delicacy)

Agouti We experienced this animal actually without knowing, we were in a small restaurant and asked for a dish of meat and rice, when the dish was brought out it was difficult to know what the meat actually was, it had small ribs and the meat tasted of a cross...

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Ivory Coast – Yamoussoukro

Yamoussoukro The Ivory coast is a big country and we decided to check out the capital Yamoussoukro a pet project by Felix Houphouët-Boigny.  Felix led the country when it became independent on 7 August 1960. And ruled as president from 1960 to 1993. Originally a village chief, he worked as...

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The Ivory Coast – Toulépleu

  Toulépleu After driving around for a while we realised that accommodation wasn’t that easy to come by.  We then bumped into a guy on a bike who told us that we could find a guest house just up the road from where we were looking, it turned out that...

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Liberia – Heading to the Ivory Coast Border

The road to Ivory Coast For the last 200km to the border with Ivory coast we experienced some roads that only Maggie would be happy to drive along, but we took our time and eventually the roads became Tarmac on the Ivory Coast side! National Geographic To end this chapter...