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Category: Guinea Conakry

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Guinea – Border Crossing into Sierra Leone

Guinea Border At the Guinea border everything was going quite smoothly with getting past officials until the very last makeshift office, the visa for Guinea was about to expire the following day and yet the official decided that for today anyway the time for expiry was 12pm midday and not...

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Guinea – Conakry

Drunken Border Patrol The next day we set off early to make the journey to Conakry and hopefully find a garage where Maggie could get some repairs.  On hindsight maybe we shouldn’t have left on new years day as it became apparent that all the army and police patrol stops...

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Guinea – Heading to Conakry (Accident!)

50 km after entering the border, we had setoff really early to see if we could make it to Conakry by the end of the day, again distances mean nothing when roads are in a terrible condition. After a few hours we really hadn’t made much progress so I decided...

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Guinea – JMC Mechanics

JMC Mechanics Our first night we stayed in the Ocean hotel which was outside the city and more expensive than we had budgeted for but we happened to meet Natalie a Lebanese lady who was the sister of Jean Claude that ran a garage in the centre of town. We...

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Guinea – Crossing the border from Bissau

Border Crossing After spending a few hours at the Guinea Conakry border and being thoroughly searched by the army and police at the post we entered Guinea Conakry. We were told by many people in Guinea Bissau that we shouldn’t enter this country due to the leadership issues that Conakry...