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Category: DRC Congo

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DRC Congo – Border to Angola

The road to the Angolan Border There are a few border entries to Angola that you can do if you are lucky enough to obtain a visa: 1. Ferry from Pointe Noire –> Cabinda –> Soyo 2. By road at Matadi 3. By road through Songololo (which is just before Matadi). We...

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Angola – Luvo Border

  Border At the Luvo border we had to wait 30 min for the official to finish his breakfast and turn up at his desk but after that the official papers were stamped so we though and we proceeded to leave the border post, at the gate that allowed us...

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DRC Congo – Kinshasa

Kinshasa After the stress of getting through the port from both Brazzaville and now Kinshasa I was very surprised to see a fairly relaxed entry into the city as I read Kinshasa would be hectic and frenetic but within 10 minutes we had reached the main blvd 30 Janv which...

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Ferry Crossing (Brazzaville to Kinshasa)

Ferry Crossing (Brazzaville to Kinshasa) – Le Corrupt Trying to cross into the next country DRC Congo we had heard that ferry crossings from Brazzaville to across the Congo river to DRC Congo could be notorious for being ripped of by someone during the crossing…they were right! While in Brazzaville we...

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DRC Congo – CMC Mechanics Kinshasa

Had to spend a few Congolese francs at a Land rover mechanics called CMC in Kinshasa to sort out more wheel bearing problems as well as getting to do a full service on Maggie, the garage is professional and specialises in Landrover’s but expect to pay a premium here compared...

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DRC Congo – Medicine Man

While walking through a district of Kinshasa we found a ‘Medicine Man’ that advertised that he had cures for all sorts of ailments as seen in the attached photos.  below, one of his show pieces was for worms as he has several worms all live in a row and showed...