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Category: Congo Brazzaville

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Congo Brazzaville – Souanke to Ouesso

Souanke  In Souanke we managed to find a presbryatarian church where the pastor allowed us to camp for free (thanks Pastor!), we had access to a shower and that’s all you need for a decent nights sleep. The next day we set off for Sembe a town only 80km away...

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Congo Brazzaville – Lefini Reserve

  Lefini Reserve After driving through Gambona then Ngo the villages started to become more frequent and we had seen on the map that there was a large reserve called Lefini but without any info as to what was in the reserve we drove until we found the entrance, this...

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Ferry Crossing (Brazzaville to Kinshasa)

Ferry Crossing (Brazzaville to Kinshasa) – Le Corrupt Trying to cross into the next country DRC Congo we had heard that ferry crossings from Brazzaville to across the Congo river to DRC Congo could be notorious for being ripped of by someone during the crossing…they were right! While in Brazzaville we...

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Cameroun to Congo Brazzaville Border Crossing

After having gone through some tricky muddy terrain to reach the border at Mbalam both Reka and I were rather hoping for some dry scorching sun throughout the morning so that the road into Congo Brazzaville would be easier to travel through but what we weren’t expecting was that the guys...

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Congo Brazaville – Ferry Crossing at Yengo

Ferry Nightmare From Ouesso the roads started to get much better and we were heading to Brazzaville our end destination in Congo and all seemed to be going well, when we started to think of the road continued beyond Yengo as the Lonely planet had a road with no bridge...

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Brazzaville I didn’t spend too much time here apart from the fact that we stayed at the Hippocampe a Vietnamese restaurant. Here the the owner allows Overlanders to camp for free (yes Free!).  He had travelled the world and his car park has been a small refuge for many overlanders over...