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Category: Cameroun

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Cameroun to Congo Brazzaville Border Crossing

After having gone through some tricky muddy terrain to reach the border at Mbalam both Reka and I were rather hoping for some dry scorching sun throughout the morning so that the road into Congo Brazzaville would be easier to travel through but what we weren’t expecting was that the guys...

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Cameroun – Kimbi Reserve

During the drive through the ring road we had to enter the Kimbi reserve which a few years ago would have been a nice place to see some wildlife, unfortunately the wildlife were missing (no fences!) when we went through here but the roads itself was a lovely off road...

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Cameroun – Bamenda

The ring road I read in Lonely planet that there was a route called the ring road that takes us through the north western highlands better known as the grass fields.  To get there the closest town would be Bamenda which sits over 1000m altitude. The drive to Bamenda from...

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Cameroun – Limbe

Limbe Along the Cameroun coast we went to Limbe and managed to camp in a nice new hotel that allowed us to shower there and I ate some great swordfish that night so thanks to the owners of the hotel. Wildlife Reserve We also went to a wildlife reserve in...

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Cameroun – Yaoundé

Yaoundé – Patisserie Heaven Heading into the capital was a nice surprise as Yaoundé was a fairly easy city to travel around, for a capital it was very laid back. The best thing of all was the fact that on every street corner there was some kind of patisserie that would...

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Cameroun – Heading to Border (Congo)

Muddy Roads Around 200km from the border we were making ok progress, the terrain started to become more dense and less mountainous and more jungle started to appear. We camped in a few evangelical churches and although it was a long journey we were slowly getting closer to the border. ...

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Nigeria – Ekok Border to Cameroun

  Between Onitsha & Enugu heading to the border of Ekok we were driving quite happily until at a village in Onitsha we were stopped at a particular point by a number of heavily armed police officials. There was plenty of commotion and the locals around were busy shouting at one...

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Cameroun – Border from Ikok to Mamfe

Mamfe After the absolute chaos of driving in Nigeria, I was rather hoping for something a little more relaxed but first we had to get to the nearest town called Mamfe which I had read on previous blogs that the road from Ikok to Mamfe can be notoriously bad. At...