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Spitzkoppe: the Matterhorn of Namibia

The matterhorn of Namibia
The matterhorn of Namibia

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7 Responses

  1. Hi, great blog! We spent 2 months in Namibia and despite being close to Spitzkoppe we didn’t visit, I can’t even remember why not! However we are missing Africa so much that we are now booking a two week holiday (not quite the same as our 15 month one but we now have to fit it round work). We are going to Namibia again and taking my Father and some friends so I think after your post we will go this way! I am currently writing our blog and its clearly meant to be because I have reached that time and place in the Blog and up pops yours. Thank you! Julie and Keith, campingafrica.co

  2. Noel Peries says:

    Hello Julie, thanks for your comment. Maybe the next time if you are ever in Southern Africa you could make a plan, it’s worth the effort.

  3. Noel Peries says:

    Sorry Julie didn’t read the whole of your comment properly the first time, have a great time at Spitzkoppe and we like your blog as well! Noel and Marilu

  4. Roxanne Reid says:

    This brought back happy memories. I love Namibia and have been lots of times, but last year during a two-month trip around Namibia was my first time at Spitzkoppe. There’s something about those open roads in Namibia that really makes me happy.

  5. Noel Peries says:

    Thanks Roxanne, we agree 100% with you on the open roads in Namibia (as long as you don’t mind the dust!).

  6. Dario Viana says:

    Hello friend, how are you? Can you help me?
    How to get to Spitzkoppe? Can I go with a conventional car? I’m not going to rent a 4×4 car.
    I have discovered Spitzkoppe only now, and I want to include it in my screenplay. But I do not find much information. Thank you

  7. Noel Peries says:

    Hello Dario, yes you get to Spitzkoppe with a normal car, there are some graded dirt roads if I remember but they are fine for any vehicle. Have fun it’s a magical place.

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