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Cameroun – Heading to Border (Congo)

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11 Responses

  1. Mum says:

    Fabulous Cameroun scenery. Shave that tash off son. Reminds me of a bollywood movie villain. Keep in good health. By the way it is only 50 days to the football world cup.

    Love to you both

  2. Zsoka says:

    Draga Vilagjarok!

    Csodasak a kepek,meg az elrettento utakat is feledteti/bar nem tudom en mit szerencsetlenkednek rajtuk/!
    Koszonom a beszamolot.
    Sok puszi Nektek.

  3. Amie says:

    Yes I have to agree with Nelum, that tash AND beard is terrible!! 😉 Looks like you are having a great time out there. As always I enjoy reading about your journey. Never made it to Sweden beacause of that STUPID volcano ash cloud. Mike and Charlotte had a nice wedding but unfortunately most of his family from Ireland didnt make it. Take care!!x

  4. Rex Peries says:

    Nice to read your adventure in Cameroun. and Congo and the muddy roads.
    We might have to find a highest bidder to shave off that mustash.
    Best wishes from mum, Andrew and me.

  5. U,Batan, says:

    Dear Noel and Reka,

    About time you did a an another check. Top
    up break fluid, clutch fluid, steering fluid and
    top up water in the radiator. I like you with out that awful beared, enjoy the trip.
    love and best wishes
    U Baytan and A Nona
    X X X

  6. joni says:

    i am a little bit lost in kinshasa, enjoyed the time with you in brazza, may you could give me the adress from the protestant mission you are staying. here are to many protestant missions and in the internet i only find the gps coordinates. looking forward to wait with you for the angolian visa…all the best…joni

  7. Noel says:

    To all friends and family that dislike the Tache, I will now grow and nurture it to a fully fledged award winning tache, love Noel x

  8. Lucky Mama says:

    Hi Noel,
    Your mum is absolutely correct you do looks like a villain in one those bollywood movies way back in 60’s.
    It looks like your Land Rover has taken a heavy beating, when you look at the roads, better keep another set of oil seals for your front axle as spares.
    Take care man

  9. Noel says:

    Luckymama, thanks for the advice I might just do that seeing at that has been the main problem with the car so far, leakages and bearings for the front.

    Whats wrong with a 60’s villain anyway?

  10. Colin Walker says:

    Good luck for the rest of the trip. I was doing your trip the other way round (South and North) last year until I caught the dreaded malaria in Kinshasa, came back to the UK for recuperation and not got back yet. In my experience it will be a breeze from where you are now . Interesting blog.

  11. nomad-adventure.com says:

    Cheers Colin thanks for your kind words, sorry to hear about the Malaria, your vehicle wasn’t at the presbrytarian church by any chance was it as they told us that the owner had flown back

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