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Nigeria – Ekok Border to Cameroun

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7 Responses

  1. Nelum says:

    Hi Son,
    I certainly wouldn’t mind driving along behind one of those trucks. Makes a journey more interesting. Enjoying your fabulous pictures and your updates.



  2. Zsoka says:

    Helló Nagy Utazók!

    Látom színes volt a világ Nigériában! Legalább is ami az autókat illeti.
    Remélem továbbra is sok-sok kellemes élményben lesz részetek!
    Én tegnap délután érkeztem haza szép kora őszi időben/hideg szél,eső megállás nélkül./
    Sok puszi

  3. Rex Peries says:

    Hi Noel and Reka
    I am glad to hear about friendly people in Nigeria. The colourful trucks and the photos were eye catching. Safe journey to Congo.
    Love and best wishes from mum, Andrew and me.

  4. Andi says:

    Maaaaan, totally forgot that you send messages! How the devil are you guys doing, everything is ok here – spring has begun and London is blossoming again! Leila and Simona are doing well, Leila had her vaccinations the other day and is still feeling a little groggy though. Anyhow i am keeping up with your blog – trying not to feel too jealous!

    I hope you are looking after each other and will hopefully speak to you soon.
    Andrew x

  5. Noel says:

    Mum, Dad and Reka’s Mum, as ever thanks for the comments, as for Andi, I can’t believe I have heard from you, well good to hear the family is well, take care and keep us updated once in a blue moon! Cameroun and Congo blog to follow

  6. Lucky mama says:

    Hi Noel
    Me and Kavan mama in Sydney was having a hour long chat through skype yesterday the photographs of those overloaded and painted trucks. There was some photograph’s that you posted earlier which was very similar to beach fronts in east coast of Sri-Lanka (Pottuvil /Arugambay)
    Best Regards and safe journey take care man!
    all the way from Canada.

  7. TomPier says:

    great post as usual!

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