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Sierra Leone – Border Crossing into Liberia

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4 Responses

  1. Rex Peries says:

    Hi Noel and Reka
    It was interesing to read about Liberia and the pictures were eye catching and interesting.
    When you went to that restaurant you forgot about all the taxes and charges like in a five star hotel. Did you both try the punch? Remember not to drive for atleast 10 hours after a drink
    Love and best wishes from Mum, Andrew and me.

  2. name u,baytan says:

    Dear Noel and Reka,
    Received your e-mail, we are ok and I hope
    the same with you all. Get yourself organized
    and look after your health.

    Love and best wishes
    U.Baytan . I am impressed, you know more than me. X X X

  3. Shane & Charlotte says:

    Nice one guys!

    Keep up the great travel adventures and be sure soak it all in.. it is these times of trial and exploration that define you, and will become the memories you cherish for the rest of your lives.

    We are loving reading all about it and wish we were there sharing the adventure and riding a motorcycle alongside!
    Great stuff.. 🙂

    Travel safe and explore!

    Love – The Wards

  4. admin says:

    Mr and Mrs Ward, so nice to hear from you guys, thanks for the wishes, loving the journey so far and hope you had a nice bday the other day! Noely

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